G2 2017

G2 2017


Make it a green 150th

 Photo: Naomi Devine

Join us in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Canada's federatin. Explore how you can create your own legacy

A joint campaign between G2/Give Green Canada and the Stewardship Centre for BC, celebrating past, present and future conservation champions -- we invite you to nominate people in your community as stewardship Champions.

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Welcome / Bienvenue

The year 2017 will mark Canada's 150th anniversary. G2 (Give Green Canada / Patrimoine vert), is acting as a catalyst for environmental and conservation groups across the country to encourage the creation of green legacies.  

"Major anniversaries can be powerful tools to encourage positive action. Canada's 150th in 2017 is one such example that could provide Canadians an opportunity to not only reflect upon the kind of country they wish to see in years to come, but to take action that would result in a green and healthy future." Peter Aykroyd, Communications Director for Canada's Centennial in 1967

G2 was one of the first organizations in Canada to realize the potential of 2017. Two years ago, in March of 2014, we convened a gathering of leaders from environmental and conservation groups across the country, made possible by CISCO Canada using their TelePresence facilities in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

The following groups were represented:
  • Alberta EcoTrust
  • CPAWS 
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network / CEGN
  • Conservation de la Nature Canada
  • David Suzuki Foundation
  • Dogwood Initiative
  • Echo Foundation
  • Ecojustice
  • Ecological Gifts Program, Environment Canada
  • Equiterre
  • G2 Give Green Canada / Patrimoine vert
  • IMAGINE Canada
  • Nature Canada
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Nature Quebec
  • Nature Trust of BC
  • Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
  • Ontario Land Trust Alliance
  • Ontario Nature
  • Pembina Foundation
  • Projects St.Laurent / Jour de la Terre Quebec
  • Sierra Club of Canada
  • Stewardship Centre for BC
  • Sustainability Network
  • Tides Canada Initiatives Society
  • Wildlands League
  • World Wildlife Fund
Click here to view the presentation (on Scribd) including more information about G2.

For more information please contact:
Natasha van Bentum, CFRE, Director, G2
vanbentum "at" gmail.com


Outreach by G2 to date

Here is a map showing the location of various environmental and conservation groups across the country we have been mentoring and training.  For more information visit our website GiveGreenCanada.ca or contact Natasha van Bentum by email:  vanbentum"at"gmail.com.


Canada 150 Fund - funding available for eligible projects

Last year the federal government announced details of the new Canada 150 Fund. Recently several announcements were made about the "signature" projects.  See sidebar at top of the page for more links.  Here's the web link to the Canada150 Fund application page.